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What's your state?! 🏡 🇺🇸 💞

March 22, 2017 | 0 comments

In North Carolina, we typically ask, “Where are you from?” but I’m sure this is the case for other states as well. People love expressing where they come from - where their story started and what makes them who they are today. 

State Keychain
Brisbane Tassel Charm
Cotton Pearl Charm

The Moon and Lola team is made up of women and men from all over and I love it that way! Most people that I’ve met love representing their state which led me to make our collection of state pieces (home is where the heart is, right?). Having a little piece of home on your Nora charm bracelet or Apex necklace brings you a little happiness as you and others notice it throughout the day.

Apex Chain
Acrylic Mini State Charm
Patterned Rectangle Charm

Mini State Charms
Brisbane Tassel Charm
Nora Charm Bangle

Today’s Charm Party hits close to home (literally)! As I was creating and personalizing these pieces to share with you, I was reminded of all the things I love about my state of North Carolina. Oh, and "Go Heels"! 🐏 💙 



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🍀 St. Patrick's Day

March 17, 2017 | 0 comments

If you are reading today’s blog, you are in for a treat. Moon and Lola has a gang of gingers that we collectively convinced to be featured in our St. Patrick's Day post.

We think it is a little rare that we have five people that work in our studio who have red hair, and we totally dig it! They say St. Patrick’s Day is all about luck, well, we are mighty lucky to have these redheads as our co-workers, supervisors, and friends.

Sit back and learn a little bit about a few members of our team, including their picks for favorite Moon and Lola product.  To us, they are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! 🌈

Jeff Hutto – President
Favorite product: Kenly Wrap Bracelet

Jeff most certainly has his hands full dealing with the Moon and Lola crew! Just kidding, he loves us. Jeff is the President of the company so he oversees everything that we do and helps our company grow and obtain goals on a daily basis. Fun fact about Jeff: he has worked everywhere from Burger King to House of DVF, and is getting ready to open up his own smoothie shop (http://kalemecrazy.net/) – he is well rounded indeed!


Amber Vaughn – Director of Retail
Favorite product: 14K Metal Constellation necklace

Amber is a ball of joy. She brings lots of light and laughter to our studio. Amber oversees all five of Moon and Lola’s retail locations. Our stores would not be our stores without Amber! Fun fact about Amber: she majored in professional acting and musical theater at East Carolina University. She has a truly amazing singing voice, but even cooler, she can quote the entire Bridesmaids movie. 


Laura Wood – Wholesale Specialist
Favorite product: Serena Hoops

Laura is the sweetest soul we’ve ever known! Laura manages our wholesale sales. If you have ever visited with us at market, she is the cutie patootie with the auburn locks holding line sheets and order forms. Fun fact about Laura: she has 43 first cousins. YES, that many! We’re hoping we get invited to the next family reunion so that we can witness it for ourselves. 


Jane Mormino – Distribution and Logistics Maven
Favorite product: Roman Numeral Necklace in Sterling Silver (her necklace is the number 3 for her three kiddos: Judah, Rose, and Claudia).

Have you ever received anything in the mail from Moon and Lola? It’s because of this chick. She touches every box that leaves our studio to make sure it is packed to perfection. Jane is also the most efficient and organized person we have ever met - she could make an 18-wheel truck fit into an 8”x10” box. Not to mention, kindness is one of her most noticeable virtues (besides that beautiful red hair). Fun fact about Jane: she has a fascination with clouds and birds. 


 Nicole Adams – Executive Assistant
Favorite product: Dove Necklace in gold

Nicole has one of the most important jobs in our studio: she is our Queen Bee’s assistant. Nicole makes sure Kelly (aka Lola) has all her ducks in a row and gets from point A to point B. Nicole also brings a lot of cheer and happiness to our studio with her warm personality. Fun fact about Nicole: She gets down and dirty on the weekends with her dirt bike. 

We l❤ve our redheads!  

Are you a ginger Moon and Lola girl or have a red-haired someone special in your life? Show us on social!! Use #moonandlola on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and let's connect!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 🍀


Moon and Lola

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🎉 👏 👏 Lola's Charm Party - Moon and Lola + Emily McCarthy

March 15, 2017 | 0 comments

With spring just around the corner, today’s Charm Bar Party is presented to you by my collaboration with Emily McCarthy. This collaboration is fun, bright, and of course, happy; all things that remind me of spring!

1. Nora Bangle
2. Eden Pineapple Charm (small, turquoise)
3. ML xx EM Acrylic Cutout Charm (large, hot pink, interlocking font) 

Emily’s brand has always been special to me as I love her way of creatively re-imagining the monogram. Her artwork combined with Moon and Lola’s product designs make for a truly keepsake piece that you need in your life!

1. Apex Chain
2. ML xx EM Metal Cutout Charm (large, gold filled, interlocking font) 
3. Brisbane Tassel Charm (medium, turquoise)
4. Cotton Pearl Charm (small)

Add a Moon and Lola xx Emily McCarthy charm to your bracelet, necklace or keychain for a truly unique and inspired monogram design!


1. Rhea Bracelet (white turquoise)
2. ML xx EM Engraved Charm (small, tortoise, interlocking font)
3. Brisbane Charm (small, blush)

I invite you along each week as I share happy moments centered around my favorite #CharmBar creations! Show me your inspirations with #LolasCharmParty on Instagram!


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