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Alexandria Marrow (pic by Pink Owl Photography)


Meet Alexandria Marrow. Alex is a 22 year old CEO, born and raised in Durham, North Carolina. In 2014 she successfully launched her business, Sweets by Alexandria by opening a kiosk in The Streets at Southpoint Mall, which she operated for 3 consecutive years. She also had a location at the Durham Performing Arts Center, the largest performing arts center in the Carolinas. She has been recognized by the Durham Business & Professional Chain for Outstanding Business Leadership and Exceptional Ability, featured in the Durham Magazine as one of “Durham’s Most Accomplished Youngsters,” and she has been named “the Queen of Sweets” by GlamSalad.com. Sweets by Alexandria is now available in Elements at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

"Proud to be born and raised as a Muslim. My faith is very important to me but not just as a set of rituals and “do’s and don’ts”. It defines me as a person and shapes my worldview; it helps me develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with my surrounding and most importantly enables me to balance between material life and spirituality.

At the core of my faith is the acceptance of God’s existence and His presence in my daily life."


Q:  In three words, how would you describe your personality?

 A:  Driven. Passionate. Leader


Q:  What woman would be your dream dinner guest?

A:  Beyoncé


Q:  What do you love most about yourself & why?

A:  I always believe in shooting for the moon. In other words, I am both ambitious and driven and these are two of my favorite qualities.


Q:  Favorite Girl Boss Quote?

A:  “Be the girl who just went for it.”


Q:  What do you wish other people knew about you?

A:  That I am a match for my mountain. I am strong and I never give up.


Q:  Want is your favorite body part (Eyes, nose, knee caps lol)?

A:  Hair and eyes


Q:  What woman do you admire the most and why?

A:  My mother. I admire her strength, selflessness, and her love for teaching.


Q:  Who is your fashion icon?

A:  Rihanna


Q:  Night Owl / Early Bird / Exhausted Pigeon?

A:  Night Owl


Q:  Favorite jewelry metal?

A:  Gold


Q:  Favorite podcast?

A:  Startup


Q:  Favorite Song RIGHT NOW?

A:  Hold On by The Internet


Q:  What one book would you bring with you on a deserted Island?

A:  Quran


Q:  Studs or Dangles?

A:  One in each ear!


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