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Life is wonderfully amazing and hard all in the same breath. I have lived an amazing life with great adventures that have taken place with friends on a sofa, at Oprah magazine and Good Morning America in New York, and underwater with an elephant in Thailand. I have also lost my marriage, never had children for multiple reasons (I suppose,) and I struggle with my weight, anxiety, and insecurities daily.

As a little girl I always knew I came from strong women. My grandmothers both were strong survivors that had met life's challenges head on. My Grandma Kelly was born with epilepsy and was never able to drive, live independently, and was never seen for her talents as much as she was for her differences. My Grandma Jessie was a widow that worked and lived in the mill village while raising 6 children. And anyone who knows my mama knows she is the epitome of a strong southern woman!


Moon and Lola Kelly Shatat's mom and grand mothers

Grandma Kelly, Mama (Doris), Grandma Jessie


I always wanted to learn from their strengths and struggles and help other women be even stronger than they were able to be.

At Moon and Lola it has always been my goal to make people happy, but over the past year I have come to realize that that is not enough. I want Moon and Lola to make a difference in the world. And the only way to do that is to change myself and how I approach my business.



In the last year, I went on two life-changing trips to Africa. When I returned I knew exactly what I had to do! Those experiences made me want to have Moon and Lola and myself, personally, help others and have a greater purpose.


moon and lola map of africa in watercolor


I had to make Moon and Lola a TRUE women for women purpose driven business, that helps and inspires women near and far just like the women of Africa inspired me! I am full of passion and drive now!

I now KNOW I was meant to go on these trips! It was all part of God's plan for my life. My life is forever changed!

The amazing women that work at Moon and Lola are on also on this journey, taking each step right alongside me.

Our lives at Moon and Lola are in a metamorphosis right now. We are ready to spread our wings and become the brave women we were always meant to be!

When Taylor Swift officially went from country singer to pop artist she did a social media blackout to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Pink Out was Moon and Lola's version of a blackout, in our signature color!


Moon and Lola Pink Out instagram tile


We followed that up with a social media storm asking #whoismoonandlola


Moon and Lola #whoismoonandlola instagram


We're now ready to answer that question and we want the world to know that we all are Moon and Lola! We are every race, size, age and range of abilities! We are women who want to embrace and uplift each other.

Meet Alex, one of the first to say #iammoonandlola.


Moon and Lola - Alex is #iammoonandlola


Moon and Lola will be releasing different collections tied to specific local and international women-focused organizations with blog posts highlighting different women and their stories.

We will host events featuring women speakers and organize focus groups on uplifting one another without judgment. We will also continue our Teen Board efforts with local high schools, teaching young women how to speak up and conduct themselves in business. 

We're so excited this journey is finally here and we can't wait to introduce you to some of the brilliant, amazing, and daring women we have met so far. And we've only just begun . . . 

Please be a part of our change! We promise to make you proud!




  • J Carpenter: June 19, 2019

    I always like to learn a little about new products I purchase. I often find what they are made of, how they are produced. However, after reading your mission I had no need to look any further.

    I’m pleased to support you and look forward to wearing my new earrings.

  • Susan Edwards: June 11, 2019


    This was beautifully written and presented. I am excited for you and the many women you serve. This new beginning is inspirational and so YOU. Your heart is so large and so sincere. Congratulations on a new direction with such meaning. I’m there to support you. Your products are already amazing, I can’t wait to see and own what’s to come.

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