💜🐶💙 The Megan Carn Artist Spotlight Collection Has Arrived!

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We are so excited to release the latest Moon and Lola Artist Spotlight collection by South Carolina's own Megan Carn. And based on the response to the "call for pet models" we had in March, you are as excited as we are!

We hope you will take few moments to get to know Megan a little better so you can appreciate her perspective on life and art.


Moon and Lola xx Megan Carn a painting in progress


Q: How long have you been painting?

A: I was "crafty" throughout elementary and high school, but I didn't take my first painting class until my sophomore year of college... I was an art major! I always felt so behind because I didn't know things everyone else had picked up in previous classes, but I made it.


Q. What is your biggest source of inspiration as an artist?

A. This is a hard question. The base of my work stems from color and how I love color theory, but I pull inspiration from everywhere. Coffee table books, interior magazines, and more than anything, painting until I strike an idea that I really like and then expand on it. I get ideas from time to time and even if I don't have the chance to paint it, I write it down to be explored later.


Q. If your personality were a color, which would it be?

A. Pink, definitely. There are so many shades, and it's my favorite!


Moon and Lola xx Megan Carn her favorite color is pink 


Q. What did you use as inspiration for your collection with Moon and Lola?

A. ALL OF THE PHOTOS AND STORIES everyone sent! I love my dog, and I love that SO many people love theirs too. It's hard to explain, but I read the story, looked at the photo, and chose the colors based on that. Sometimes, a palette just jumps out at me, and other times, I decide simpler is better. It's a process, and I never know how it will turn out!


Moon and Lola xx Megan Carn with her dog


Q. What is your favorite fashion trend right now?

A. Overall dresses- love those. Also, mules and slides. Count on me wearing them long past the trend. Finally, I've been noticing a ton of gingham around and I love that.


Q. Where are you from?

A. I grew up in a small town- Saint Matthews, South Carolina- and my parents are still there. The population is only about 2,000 people! Now, I live in Columbia.


Moon and Lola xx Megan Carn with her loved one and some of her original artwork


Q. Current favorite song?

A. I'm really into Panic! At the Disco, and I have been since high school. So, anything by them will never get old. Juice, by Lizzo, is also on heavy repeat.



Q. Your favorite podcast?

A. My Favorite Murder is a golden go-to, and then the How Did This Get Made? podcast about bad movies. I listen to anything true crime/comedy, especially when I run out of episodes on my favorites!


Q. What are you currently reading?

A. Nothing. Whoops.


Q. Your favorite movie?

A. The Birdcage, Moana, and The Great British Baking Show. (That's not a movie, but I love it.)


Moon and Lola Megan Carn black labradoodle painting in progress


Q. Your favorite artist?

A. I love Britt Bass, Blakely Little, and Rachel Castle. All so cool.


Q. Where can we follow you?

A. websiteInstagramPinterest, Facebook, Twitter


moon and lola xx megan carn artist spotlight collection


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