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I am blessed, to say the least, to work full time for a company that supports my part-time passion. In March of 2016, my sister Paten and I started a food blog, Soul-Full Sisters, as a way of sharing our love of family and food in writing and pictures. Food has always been a piece of who we are, a piece of our souls, of sort.


Hi, I am Quinn Carlton. If you've ever had a question about your order, one of Moon and Lola’s products, or anything regarding Moon and Lola, you have more than likely talked to me and my southern accent. I am the face behind the Customer Service emails and telephone calls. Moon and Lola is my family, so to be able to share my love of food and our food blog, Soul-Full Sisters, is a true treasure. After leaving my desk at Moon and Lola, I ride to my sister’s house where we create recipes to share that connect you to our family, love of food, and of course our souls. Each recipe has a memory connected to it that will bring you back to our Mama’s kitchen, Grandma’s stool watching her fry chicken, or just two sisters laughing while patting out hamburgers.

Quinn (right) & Paten (left)

Blue-Cheese Burger

Mama's Deviled Eggs

Lemon Blueberry Pie

Summer Corn Chowder

For Christmas this year, I obviously had to get Paten something from Moon and Lola, and I obviously had to get her something related to our blog, so I worked with our super hero of a Production Manager, Katie, and created the beautiful necklace that you see below. It is our Large, Vineyard Oval Necklace in ebony with our custom logo engraved. I was more than thrilled with how it came out, and the smile on my sister’s face Christmas morning was worth all the bowls of pasta in the world! Moon and Lola has several ways that you can customize their merchandise, and it is always easy to engrave custom symbols, and even logos! My sister can now wear a symbol that represents so much so close to her heart everyday.

Moon and Lola is happy to create custom merchandise for your personal event, business, foundation or organization. You can check out some of the other work we have done here.


  • AA: January 09, 2017

    Loved the story & love M&L jewelry! Good luck & success in both careers!!

  • Tana Carlton Weber: January 09, 2017

    I want one for my charm bracelet!

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