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What is one thing you can find in every Moon and Lola retail location? Let’s play I spy. It’s chic, easily accessible, and topped with lots of Lola’s Loves just waiting for her favorite craft cocktail to hit the bottom of a Kate Spade rocks glass. You guessed it! Bar carts. These fun, trendy stations can be found gracing homes all over. Even if your apartment can’t find room for an umbrella stand, you can always find room for a chic bar cart that you couldn’t resist at the furniture show or your favorite flea market. Top them with your beverage of choice, those fancy glasses that you received for Christmas that you don’t know how to use, flowers from your lover, and of course, as Lola would do, your favorite ceramic animal. Bar carts have no stereotypical theme, you can make them however you choose, just don’t forget the booze. Check out our favorite bar cart ideas, and grab some fun accessories for yours at the nearest Moon and Lola store just in time for New Year’s Eve! 

1. New Year's Eve Bar Cart

2. Southern Chic Bar Cart

3. Bohemian Bar Cart

4. Girl's Brunch Bar Cart

4. Jazz Bar Cart


5. Modern Bar Cart

6. Palm Beach Bar Cart (perfect for tiny spaces!)

 7. Industrial Bar Cart




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