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No matter who you are, the Super Bowl has something to offer everyone: the sports fanatic, the foodie, the socialite...and especially those of us who watch for the commercials. It’s the time of the year that you gather around the TV whether you love football or not - it’s about the friends, the food, the companionship, and if your team is lucky enough to be playing… the win!

For those of you who love watching the Super Bowl because of the commercial entertainment, we can’t say that we blame you! It’s when our favorite brands go all out to show their best of the best. In between the first downs, chicken wings, interceptions, and plates of nachos (let's be honest, food and football go hand in hand), we get to laugh (or cry) because of how the brand makes us feel.

In honor of such an exciting week, we decided to take a break from the usual best Super Bowl crock-pot dip recipes, DIY party supplies, or Patriots/Falcons themed cupcakes, and dive into our favorite Super Bowl commercials from over the years. So, get comfy on the couch, grab your Moon and Lola coffee mug, and enjoy!

Moon and Lola

1.     Doritos – Doritos Dogs

We can’t help but think the only thing that would have made this commercial any cuter is if Mr. Monogram made an appearance!

2.     Coca Cola – Superstition

I mean, who doesn’t love a Coke Polar Bear?

3.     Pepsi – Cindy Crawford

Maybe they would have noticed Cindy if she would have been wearing a pair of Serena hoops!

4.     Snickers – Betty White

Betty White is our hero.

5.     Hyundai – First Date

Kevin Hart is so adorable.

We hope Super Bowl Sunday is everything you want it to be! May your team win and your chicken wings be tasty!

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