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If you have ever been into one of our retail locations, you have more than likely taken a photo of our Lola’s Loves wall – don’t pretend, we saw it on your Insta and love that you tagged us! 💋

The items in the Lola's Loves area in each of our stores represent some of our Queen Bee’s favorite brands, products, and décor. Many of the people behind the brands are Kelly’s (aka Lola’s) friends or special people she has met along the way in her Moon and Lola journey. This section in our stores gives you, our customer, a way of getting to know Kelly a little better while doing her favorite thing: spreading the happy!

This collection of goodies is also available on our website just waiting to be discovered by you and your friends. Trust us, there are pieces that you won't be able to go without! Kelly has recently added new pieces to her Loves collection that she can’t wait to share with you.

She listed a few of her favs below along with why she hand chose them for our stores. Take a peak!

Moon and Lola Blog - Lola's Loves


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