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Blogger Summer Wind in Moon and Lola Cheshire Monogram Necklace

Summer Wind Blog // Cheshire Monogram Necklace


Each piece of jewelry at Moon & Lola has a story - whether its design came to mind during one of Lola's adventures abroad or its colors and shape are inspired by our bucket-list destinations. The story behind our custom metals is unique in that they are designed with YOU in mind. No two are made the same. Did you know... each of our metals goes through a meticulous multi-step production process? First the design prototype is hand-drawn depending on your specific monogram, choice of letters, name, etc. Then, it is hand-cut from your choice of metal into a one-of-a-kind jewelry masterpiece. Lastly, it is hand-assembled and packaged to be sent on its way to YOU!

Today on the blog we're taking you behind the scenes of the production process for our custom metals. Enjoy! Plus... keep scrolling to see how some of our favorite bloggers have styled our fine metals!


Step 1. Hand-Drawn

Moon and Lola Hand-Drawn Custom Metals


Depending upon the style of the specific metal being crafted, the characters (letters, monogram, numbers, etc.) will be drawn out any number of times until the final finished product is crafted. Our Cheshire Monogram Necklace, for example, is a classic script-font monogram style composed of any 2-3 letters. Each piece letter is hand-drawn so that it blends smoothly and aesthetically well with the other letters.

The design of our Cheshire Monogram Necklace is unique because it can be picked out of the crowd of other monogram necklaces every time. Why? Because our chain attaches to the monogram pendant seamlessly without the use of "bunny ears" (aka the loops you'll see built onto other monogram necklaces that are used to connect the chain to the pendant). Without this unnecessary addition the focus is undoubtedly on the craftsmanship of the design of the monogram itself.


Moon and Lola Cheshire Monogram Necklace


Step 2. Hand-Cut

Moon and Lola Hand-Cut Metals


Once the metal design is hand-drawn to perfection, it is ready to be cut and polished. This process begins with the artisan drilling a tiny pilot hole. Next, a thin saw blade is inserted into the pilot hole and rotated to craft the curves and edges that will eventually form letters. After moments of turning and sawing, the monogram letters will appear in the metal per the artists original drawing.

The great thing about each of our custom metals is that you get to make the design completely yours with your choice of metal. We offer gold filled, sterling silver, and 14k yellow, rose, and white gold in each of our styles. Gold filled is a great option for those looking for a beautiful piece of gold-colored jewelry at a much more affordable price. Our gold filled pieces are composed with a base layer of jewelers brass with a bonded gold coating to give it the shiny, durable appearance of real gold. Our gold filled metals are a ratio of 14/20 gold-filled. We also add 22k plating to finish the edges once the metal is cut. Sterling silver is a classic choice for those that love the sparkle and shine of white gold at a fraction of the price. Lastly, if you are searching for a timeless piece of jewelry that will last from generation to generation then you will be most satisfied in choosing your custom design in 14k white, yellow, or rose gold. Click the images below to shop a few of our favorite fine metals: 


Moon and Lola Cheshire Monogram Necklaces

Moon and Lola Custom Metals    Moon and Lola Custom Metals

Moon and Lola Metal Engraved Bar Necklace



Step 3. Hand-Assembled

Moon and Lola Hand-Assembled Metals 

Once the piece's design has been drawn and cut out, it is time for assembly. Fun fact: each of our custom metals is hand-made right here in the USA! For our custom metal necklaces, the pendant is attached to a delicate french rope chain in the same choice of metal as the pendant itself. The design can be customized depending on the length of chain you would like. Our standard chain length is fourteen inches with three extra inches to extend it. Our long chain length is twenty inches with an additional four-inch extender for 14k gold and 24 inches with a 3-inch extender for gold filled and sterling silver necklaces. The finishing touch on each of our metal necklaces is a small metal tag with the M&L logo on it - a fun way for you to tell our story when you receive all those compliments on your piece! ;)



Moon and Lola Cheshire Rimmed Monogram Necklace

Gold Filled Cheshire Rimmed Monogram Necklace with 24" Chain


Once the production process is completed the finished work of art is ready to be shipped! Each custom metal order is sent in a beautiful white and gold keepsake pouch that you can use to protect your jewelry and extend its lifetime. If, over the years, you notice that your custom metal needs a little TLC or a repair, we've got you covered! Our repairs department is happy to help you in bringing your custom metal back to its original beauty. We always want to make sure you are happy with your purchase and love it for years to come!


As seen on our favorite bloggers...


Moon and Lola Fine Metals Collection

pictured above: left to right


The Golden Girl Diary // Disc Necklace

The Perfect Blend // Hampton Monogram Necklace

Morgan Bullard // Cheshire Monogram Necklace

The Double Take Girls // Cheshire Monogram Necklace

Little Blonde Book // Cheshire Monogram Necklace

Personally Styled // Metal Nameplate Necklace


So now you know... each of our custom fine metal pieces are designed with YOU in mind! They are intricate, delicate, and a timeless piece you will enjoy for years to come. 

Thanks for stopping by!


Moon and Lola


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