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Bonjour! Lola here... I am so excited to share with you the inspiration behind my new exclusive Paris capsule collection!

There is very limited inventory in this collection, so if you find the perfect piece calling your name, act fast!

If you know the story of Moon and Lola, you know it is a story of friendship. In my life I have made some of the most wonderful friends! The Paris Collection is a story of true friendship. I have made many industry friends that travel in the same circles and we land in the same cities several times a year (usually for market) but live all over the country. Myself and three of my closest friends, Thomas Ard (aka Tom Tom), Kari Joy, and Natalie Chang, decided to take a trip to Paris for the adventure of a lifetime!


Moon and Lola Kelly Shatat TomTom Natalie Chang Kari Joy Hodgen

You can read more about my friends and their inspiring stories at the end of this post.


These three friends and I are always dreaming together, cheering each other on and looking for inspiration. One day we spoke about the Dior Exhibit in Paris and how amazing it would be if we could all go, so we decided... why not? Getting all of our schedules to mesh was the first miracle of the trip. Next, we made a group chat, named it "Bury me in Dior" and the planning began! moon and lola bury me in dior logo


We all wanted to stay in a true Parisian apartment (pied-à-terre), sip on chocolat viennois, eat at cafes and feel like true Parisians for a few days. What I didn’t know is that my friends had what seemed to be a little bit of a hidden agenda, which was to get Kelly (aka Lola) back into an inspired, creative state of mind.


moon and lola a sidewalk cafe in paris france moon and lola kari joy pinkies up drinking in paris france moon and lola staying in a parisian apartment pied a terre in paris france (1)


I want to be honest in this post and share the things that most do not say. It is very hard to be creative all the time and have hit after hit pop out of your head and heart! I have had some challenges, from a divorce to my mother contracting a life threatening illness this year. I am excited to have started a great new chapter in my life! I am enjoying learning more about myself, traveling with friends and having adventures like these, and I have a lovely new 'Happy House" that I love and was recently photographed for Walter Magazine. I am focusing on my health, exercising, and in all ways continuing to work becoming a better version of myself!


moon and lola kelly shatat's happy house featured in walter magazine december 2017   


The Paris Adventure

My friends and I started the trip out by going to a beautiful perfumery. I found it so unique that each of the labels were hand written by a calligrapher.


moon and lola a perfumery in paris france with hand lettered labels


Next, we stopped at The Parisian Flea Market. I had been there once before, but wanted to spend an entire day there this time around.


                                      paris flea market tiles   paris flea market kelly shatat and tomtom 


moon and lola paris flea market in france


While there I found old military patches with gold threads taken off of soldiers' uniforms. Years ago I made a patch collection of jewelry and have had so many people ask me to bring it back. When I saw these I knew it was perfect timing!

I noticed that there was a true military feel to a lot of the fashion (I became obsessed with military hats!) and Tom Tom and I felt so inspired by the bugs everywhere. Stay tuned... because we'll be designing a bug collection that will be released Spring 2018!


                                     moon and lola and tomtom fascinating bugs artwork prints paris france     moon and lola and tomtom fascinating bugs artwork prints paris france beetles and ants


Natalie knew this great salon that Vogue recommended to go to for chignons, which are the French version of an updo. We went to cafes, viewed art, and talked to strangers that became friends! and in all ways continuing to work becoming a better version of myself!



                                       moon and lola chignon's in paris france   moon and lola kelly shatat with a chignon up-do in paris france


Finally, on the last full day, we went to the Dior exhibit! Seeing someone’s life work that spanned throughout decades, covered a rainbow of colors, and extended through the spectrum from simple to full of amazing detail was incredibly inspiring.


moon and lola visits house of dior in paris france moon and lola kelly shatat visits house of dior in paris france moon and lola red shoes and boots at dior in paris france


                                 moon and lola dior iconic suit and hat     moon and lola dior ivory gowns


moon and lola dior green clothing and accessories moon and lola dior red clothing and accessories moon and lola dior blue clothing and accessories


                                 moon and lola dior magazine covers history      moon and lola dior strapless gowns


moon and lola dior tropical dress moon and lola dior harlequin clothing costumes moon and lola dior tribal look


The exhibit allowed me to reflect on my own life and humble body of work. What is Moon and Lola? What is it all about and what do I want my legacy to be? It always comes back to happy! I want to have friends like this that I can make happy and friends who can make me happy in return. I want to inspire them and I want them to inspire me. I want to pick them up when they fall down, just like they have picked me up. I dedicate this collection to my true friends Natalie, Tom Tom, and Kari! Thank you to them and to all of you that have inspired me and supported my dream and my love for beauty, color, and happiness! I am so very thankful! I hope you love this collection as much as I do!


moon and lola paris collection of jewelry banner




Meet the friends...

Natalie Chang

My friend Natalie Chang is one of the most creative and connected people I know. She has her own brand (www.natalie-chang.com) where she specializes in cups and napkins that state positive happy statements handlettered with a reflection of her heart and faith. She also does product development for Lifeguard Press where she makes products for the likes of Kate Spade, Vera Bradley and Lilly Pulitzer!

Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


Thomas Ard

I'm a southern artist known as TomTom, that loves the art of living! Obsessed with all things creative."life is only as lovely as you make it!" - TomTom

My dear friend (and incredibly talented artist!), Tom Tom, is full of life and creativity! He has a true giving spirit, and infectious energy, and is always the life of the party. Tom Tom uses a paintbrush as if he was born with it in his hands! He can be found doing art shows throughout boutiques in the south.

Follow him on Facebook and Instagram



"Designer pursuing beautiful adventures. Gypsy soul thrilled to call NYC home. Fan of kindness, wit, intelligence, & grace." - KariJoy

Kari Joy Hodgen is a true purveyor of beauty. She has one of the best eyes I have ever known. If you are not following her insta then you are truly missing beauty! Her pictures are so artistic and special. She is full of love, grace, and wonder! She is a student of life and is continuing her education at fashion school in NYC! She shares her faith and love for her husband and friends with passion and grace! She is a curator of shoes and if anyone can appreciate this art... I can!!!

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram


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  • Renee Fregenal: December 28, 2017

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful Parisian adventures in this blog post, Kelly. You continue to inspire all of the women who know and admire you to live their best lives. Continued success in 2018!

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