Wholesale Reorder Forms Tutorial

Wholesale Reorder Forms Tutorial

In an effort to make reordering of non-custom merchandise easier, we are introducing “Reorder Forms (WS)” as a new selectable field in the top-of-page navigation area. You will find that this is also an invaluable way to make initial orders of new stock merchandise. These forms have been implemented for non-custom products which are typically ordered in quantities greater than one. Custom products require personalization, therefore they are usually not ordered in bulk. To order customized items you should use the traditional method of order entry.

The following image shows how the navigation has changed, with the new Reorder Forms field highlighted in yellow.

As you hover over the “Reorder Forms (WS)” field you will see several categories that have reorder forms available (necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc).

Additionally, the necklaces, earrings, bracelets and charms categories have been further broken down to make ordering even easier.

To use, click on the collection of products that you would like to reorder. This example shows the reorder form for Gold Metal Dalton Charms. All the Gold Dalton Charms we have available for purchase will be shown in a scrollable list. You simply enter the quantity of each Dalton Charm you would like to order. Once you have entered your quantities click the “Add To Cart” button that is located at the top and the bottom of the form.

You will then be taken to your cart where you can review the selections you made.

To reorder additional products, just start the process over again by hovering over the “Reorder Forms (WS)” field at the top of the page and click on the next collection of products you would like to add to your cart.

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