Wholesale FAQs

Q: What are your terms?

A: Payment is required upon placement of your order.  The minimum amount for your first order is $400.

Q: What are your shipping fees?  What method do you use to ship? Can you drop ship?

A: Typical domestic (lower 48) shipping is $10 and all orders are shipped via UPS.  International orders are shipped via DHL and rates vary. Orders can be drop shipped; the fee is $10 and all packages ship via UPS.  Please provide the full name, address, and phone number of the recipient. Please be advised that UPS cannot ship to P.O. boxes. 

We highly recommend insuring all orders over $100 (Uninsured orders are only insured up to $100 in case of UPS claims.)

All orders ship complete. If you need in-stock items to ship ahead of custom items, please place separate orders.

Q: How do I place an order?

A: Place your orders online via this website. If you have any questions, please contact us at customerservice@moonandlola.com. Upon successful order submission, you will automatically receive an order confirmation email which will include your order number. Please print and keep this email for your records as this email is the complete accounting of the transaction and the only invoice you will receive. We suggest forwarding a copy of this email to your bookkeeper or accounting department.

Q: I am not sure what products to start with. What do you recommend?

A: Our custom acrylic and metal monograms have been a huge hit. Available in sterling silver, gold filled, 14K and acrylic, custom items are unique, beautiful, and the ultimate in personalized jewelry.  Please be advised that custom items do take five to six weeks to produce, but they are worth the wait!  

We also recommend our Dalton Vintage Charms and Chains which can be custom blended to create beautiful, personalized gifts in gold and silver finishes.  We offer the vintage charms in three sizes, which can be mixed and matched in any combination.  We also offer them in two pre-selected kits— Bliss and Simple Bliss—which include everything needed to display and sell customer-designed bracelets and necklaces.


Q: Are Moon and Lola earwires nickel free?

A: There is no nickel in any of our earwires. Our sterling silver earwires are .925 solid sterling silver.  Our gold-filled earwires are a 14K overlay with a brass alloy core.

Q: What materials are used to make Moon and Lola jewelry?

A: Most metal components are brass, aluminum, or steel under sterling silver or 14K gold.  Some chains are finished with rhodium, a non-tarnishing silver metal. Our metal coatings are five times thicker than most commercially-made costume jewelry.  We also use natural and precious stone, crystal, wood, cotton pearls, and rhinestones.  Crystal Lucite and glass pearls are used, especially on earrings, to keep the weight low but the appearance dazzling. Consult the listings on this website for individual product details.

Q: How do you recommend cleaning Moon and Lola jewelry?

A: The very best way to keep costume jewelry beautiful is to prevent contact with lotions, perfumes, hair care products, etc. and to store it in zippered plastic bags.  An occasional gentle soap (such as Dove) and water wash and thorough rinse in tepid water will remove natural skin oils, which can cause dulling or oxidation.  For metals, a gentle polishing cloth works well, too.  We highly recommend the brand “Sunshine Cloth," available through online retailers. Our jewelry should never be dipped in liquid jewelry cleaner.

Q: Can I get high-res images of Moon and Lola jewelry for promotional purposes?

A:  You are welcome to use images from www.moonandlola.com and our Facebook page to promote the line in print advertising, marketing, social media or other communications. For high resolution images, please email customerservice@moonandlola.com and request access to our dropbox folder where you'll find product images, logo files and pricing information.

Q: I am having a special event and want more Moon and Lola, but am unsure about how much to buy and have concern about selling all of it.  What are my options?

A: Ask us about a Pick Box.  This is a great way to get a wider selection for a short time, and you only pay for what you sell, plus return shipping.  The minimum required purchase from a pick box is $400 wholesale.

Q: Is Moon and Lola jewelry made in the USA?  Who makes it?

A: Yes, the jewelry is assembled in our studio in Apex, North Carolina.  Our staff includes full and part time women who enjoy flexible schedules to accommodate their families. As we continually strive to offer the most unique and unusual pieces to our customers, some jewelry components do originate from locations throughout the world other than the United States.  However, all components are purchased within the USA from domestic suppliers.

Q: How should I communicate the order of the letters for custom monograms?

A: Most traditional monograms feature "first initial, last initial, middle initial" in that order, with the center/last initial being larger.  For example, Sarah Jessica Parker's monogram would read SPJ.  When you submit monograms, list the monogram in the order you wish it to appear.  We suggest that you include the monogram recipient's full name for verification purposes.

Q: Are there any other characters available in custom monograms, besides the letters A through Z?

A: We also offer an ampersand ("&").

Q: Can a monogram have more (or less) than three letters?  Can I see the art in advance?

A: Acrylic and Metal monograms may have any where from two to four letters.  Be advised that the spacing must be adjusted to accommodate this. 

We cannot currently provide a view of how a monogram will look in advance.  For metal monograms only, the artwork can be rendered (in the form of a drawing) for a fee of $25. This fee must be paid in advance, and is charged whether or not the monogram is subsequently ordered.   

Q: Can I see a preview of the monogram colors available before I order?


You can download the acrylic color chips here.

Q: Can I change or cancel a custom order?

A: We immediately put custom items into production when they are received. Therefore, once the order is placed, it cannot be cancelled or changed.  Please be sure the customer is sure about size, color, order of the letters, etc. before submitting the order. Please remind the customer that the custom order will take five to six weeks to be fulfilled.

Q: Can I request a rush on a custom monogram?  Why does it take up to six weeks?

A: It is impossible to rush an item due to the high volume of orders we receive.  Custom metal monograms are hand-cut by an engraver and take time to be made into template, cut, polished, and finished.  Acrylics are made into template, cut with a laser, detailed, and finished. Please trust that we will do all we can to push monograms as fast as possible and will send them as soon as they are completed; however, please note customers should be informed of the above timeframes and not promised anything sooner than six weeks.  Especially near holidays, the timeframes are always stretched to the max due to volume.  We will ship as fast as we can, but it is only very rarely sooner than what is listed above.

Q: What is the contact information for the Moon and Lola studio?

A: Our address and contact info:

Moon and Lola

221 North Salem Street, Suite 200

Apex, NC 27502

Studio Phone: 919-306-2257

Studio Hours: Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.


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