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Moon and Lola Wedding Wednesday gifts for the groom and groomsmen


Happy Wedding Wednesday! If you're new around here we're in the middle of a super fun series on the Moon and Lola Blog where we're sharing all about how to plan your dream wedding. We kicked off the series with a how-to ask your bridesmaids post and then we shared everything you need to make your wedding the party of a lifetime.

Today's post is a little different... we're talking all things groomsmen! After all, it is the groom's time to shine just as much as it is the bride's. Moon and Lola is the perfect resource to help your groom and his groomsmen look and feel their best on your wedding day. No matter your man's style or your wedding dress code, we can assure you we've got the perfect accessories for him. Enjoy!

Southern + Charming


Moon and Lola - cufflinks on french cuff dress shirt with a puppy


Shop: State Round Cufflinks


When you imagine your wedding day do you see yourself walking towards your groom standing below a hundred-year-old weeping willow on the grounds of a low country plantation? If you have your sights set on hosting a true southern wedding then these are the perfect gifts for your groom and groomsmen: 


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 Moon and Lola Eden Square Cufflinks Moon and Lola Stacked Square Monogram Cufflinks
Moon and Lola Eden Round Cufflinks Moon and Lola Eden Round Pet Cufflinks 

Casual + Comfortable


Moon and Lola - monogrammed cufflinks on denim shirt


Shop: Vineyard Square Cufflinks


Maybe you're the type of couple who is best known as the life of the party. Most of all, you want your guests to have the time of their lives and enjoy being a part of your day. Your venue is likely a quaint backyard, church, or local historic home and you've planned your dress code to be casual so that everyone can DANCE! If this is you then these cufflink styles will look great on your groom's crew:


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Moon and Lola Vineyard Square Cufflinks Moon and Lola Varsity Square Cufflinks
 Moon and Lola Vineyard Round Cufflinks Moon and Lola - Varsity Round Cufflinks

Modern + Trendy


Moon and Lola - lapel pin and cufflinks next to brown hightop oxford boots


Shop: State Lapel Pin, Square Cufflinks


Tradition, schmadition! You and your soon-to-be groom are writing your own story and want to make sure your wedding reflects that. You've decided on your venue and it's most likely the trendy hot spot downtown where your guests can enjoy a picture perfect evening together. When it comes to gifting for the guys you'll definitely want to highlight their trendy, fashion forward style with these collectible accessories: 

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 Moon and Lola - Single Letter Old English Cufflinks Moon and Lola - Engraved Round Cufflinks
Moon and Lola - Engraved Tie Bar Moon and Lola - Vineyard Square Modern Font Cufflinks


Close to Home

Moon and Lola - square cufflinks with engraved state image in over 30 colors


Shop: Square State Cufflinks


When it comes to your wedding there's no place like home! You might be tying the knot back in your home state or marrying your college sweetheart. Our State Cufflinks are the perfect way to keep your wedding day close to home. Here are a few options to choose from:


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 Moon and Lola - State Square Cufflinks Moon and Lola - State Square Cufflinks
Moon and Lola - State Round Cufflinks Moon and Lola - State Round Cufflinks


Formal + Traditional


Moon and Lola - engraved round gold monogrammed cufflinks with date


Shop: Engraved Round Cufflinks with Date


The best day of your life deserves to be commemorated! The cufflinks pictured above are the newest addition to our "For Him" collection and they couldn't be more perfect for a formal wedding gift. When wearing these your groom won't ever have an excuse to forget your anniversary. Kidding, kidding!


 Moon and Lola - Engraved Round Cufflinks with Date Moon and Lola Engraved Round Cufflinks with Date


We hope this blog post was helpful in bringing you ideas for gifts to give your groom and his groomsmen. After all, wedding planning should be fun so we're here to make it easy for you! Psst... while you're here don't forget to check and see if your order qualifies for our exclusive bridal discount! If there's one thing all brides know it's that every penny counts and our Customer Service team is happy to help where we can.


As always, thanks for stopping by!


Moon & Lola


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