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Celebrating Moon and Lola's Leading Ladies


Today is #NationalBossDay and to celebrate, we're sharing a few of our favorite memories we've made over the years with our favorite boss ladies: Kelly (a.k.a. Lola) who is our founder, lead designer, and CEO; and Katie our rockstar President. Fun fact: did you know... waaaay back when, in the early days when Kelly first started M&L Katie was the first and only employee! We've grown so much since then and it wouldn't have been possible without this dream team! It's safe to say we truly admire each of these ladies's determination, leadership, and inspiration to continue to build our brand to its full potential.


Moon and Lola #NationalBossDay Blog Post

Celebrating our debut on GMA's Deals and Steals segment in Raleigh, NC in 2017


From our Marketing Manager...

"My favorite memory is when I met Kelly for the first time. I was getting my hair done at a local social in Raleigh and my hair stylist told me she was the owner of Moon and Lola. She had just opened a store in Charleston, SC and I wanted to move there so we immediately bonded over that. Very long story short (people around here say I like to give too much detail), Kelly took my information down on a phone bill she had in her handbag, one thing lead to another and I became the Retail Manager for our retail stores. Then another door opened and I became the Marketing Manager. This is my favorite memory of Kelly because of every detail that followed and this one moment was the start of it all."


‚ÄúI have many great memories of Katie throughout the past four years but the one that sticks with me most is from our recent photoshoot. We had been working for two days straight on this photoshoot and even though she was sick and had many other things to do, she stuck right by our side ensuring we got to eat or rest our feet for just a second. She stayed with us from start to finish each day! That meant so much to me because it showed how much she cares about us and M&L‚Ä̬†

Moon and Lola #NationalBossDay Blog Post

At a grand opening party in 2016



 From our Director of E-Commerce...

"In May of 2018 I broke my leg. The previous year Katie had broken her leg so she knew exactly what I was going through and also what I was going to go through! She did me a wonderful favor by NOT telling me ahead of time any of the setbacks or discouraging things that were to come. That's how Katie is, sweet and kind and super considerate!!"


"One of the many thoughtful things that Kelly has done for us, has to be when she surprised us all one Christmas with truly the most heart touching gifts. It had been a particularly hectic holiday season for us here at Moon and Lola. We were all working our hardest to 'Make Christmas wishes come true!' for our customers when, one by one, we began to notice that there was quite a pile of wrapped gifts under the office Christmas tree. Later that day we were all in tears or near tears when Kelly began to hand out the gifts to each of us! As we unwrapped those Christmas presents we were astounded to find such personally significant items. Kelly had selected and shopped for gifts that were specifically fit for each of us. Lord only knows how much time went into her selection of each one of those presents! It was a very special time for all of us."


Moon and Lola #NationalBossDay Blog Post

Christmas 2017



ÔĽŅFrom our Customer Experience Specialist...

"My favorite and first memory of Kelly is the one that started my M&L journey! I was listening to the radio and heard Kelly being interviewed about M&L being one of Oprah's Favorite Thing's that year. I was so blown away by her candor, her passion, her creativity, and her sense of 'happy' that I knew that was a person and a company I wanted to work for! Through a series of finding connections and several emails I had the chance to meet the M&L staff and Kelly herself and was offered the opportunity to join the team! It's amazing what a series of circumstances led to for me to join the M&L family and all because of Kelly's story."


"Early on in my conversations with Katie, we discovered we both had a love of history and had big imaginations when we were growing up. We shared memories of "playing" colonial or frontier times and laughed over how serious we used to take it! I always know that when I find a strange or geeky memory from my childhood, Katie can commiserate (and there are probably embarrassing photos of us in track-suits to boot!). It has been a joy having her lead the M&L team!"



From our Director of Logistics and Distribution...

"I met Kelly when I was a buyer for a local bead store-she was one of our best 'Bead Picnic' customers and would come into our events and clear off the tables... she was always nice to me even though I wasn't part of the usual floor staff that helped customers. Once she complimented me on a crazy military-style jacket that I'd just bought and it made my day! She remembers small details about people, that kind of thing really makes an impression."


"Katie and I have the same birthday and we both have an unusual place in our hearts for miniature things. Once she gave me some of the smelliest cheese I've ever had (Maytag) and a bottle of wine for something I'd done, it totally surprised me and I'll never forget how delicious that cheese was."



From our Apex Retail Store Manager...

"My favorite memory of both Katie and Kelly was this time last year when Kelly's beautiful home was set to be featured in a photoshoot and article for Walter Magazine. It was such an exciting time for Kelly and for Moon and Lola! In preparation for the photoshoot, Kelly needed help getting her jewelry cabinet (yes, she has *that* much jewelry) and she knew how much I love visual merchandising from my retail background so she invited me over to help her. Kelly, Katie, myself, and the rest of the team had so much fun getting her home photoshoot ready. The very next day, we all came back and got to play dress-up and be in the photoshoot! Then, once the magazine launched, Kelly invited everyone back for a big celebration. We had the. best. time!" 


Moon and Lola Boss Day Blog Post

Walter Magazine Photoshoot


Moon and Lola Boss Day Blog Post

Walter Magazine Launch Party


From our Accounting and HR Manager...

"When I first started working for Kelly it was her mission to teach me the world of Moon and Lola. She brought me along with her to NYC to pick out supplies for a new product line. We visited countless places where Kelly walked in and knew the  employees by name. We walked what felt like hundreds of miles to make sure we cover as much ground as possible in our short time there. At one point we walked past a homeless woman sleeping on the ground, shoeless. Kelly immediately stopped in her tracks, she simply could not pass by this woman without doing whatever she could to help. Kelly made her way to the closest shoe store and without hesitation purchased a pair of shoes and a few socks for this stranger she saw on the street. In this moment I knew I was right where I needed to be at Moon and Lola. This woman was going to teach me things far beyond the scope of the job. These past 3 years have continued to be an exciting adventure that has taught me incredible lessons. Bonus fact: My little girl loaned her strawberry backpack to Kelly for the trip. Kelly insisted on carrying it all over the city, taking photos along the way to show my daughter when we returned."


Moon and Lola Boss Day Blog Post

Market trip in NYC


"A few years ago Katie and I attended Atlanta Market together along with our wholesale team and Kelly. Since I was Kelly's executive assistant at the time, this was the first opportunity I had to get to know Katie. We were both there to support the team working in sales but found some time to sneak away and plan a birthday surprise for Kelly. We were in a different city, had no car and no idea where to go for supplies. We had such a fun adventure, found everything we needed and pulled off the cutest surprise birthday celebration for Kelly. I was able to learn a lot about Katie on this trip. She will always do whatever it takes to get the job done, and she will do it with class and a smile on her face... even if that means carrying cases of champagne through AmericasMart while still recovering from a leg injury. This is the same work ethic Katie maintains through her work days today, a true leader and example to all of her employees."


Moon and Lola Boss Day Blog Post

Katie celebrating at Kelly's birthday dinner 



From our Director of Wholesale...

"I have so many wonderful memories of Kelly and Katie that‚Äôs it‚Äôs hard to choose just one.¬†Seven years ago I showed up at a teeny tiny studio in downtown Apex with a mutual friend of ours who said her friend needed some help. Kelly's business had taken off and they were hiring anyone that breathed.¬†Literally. The first night they tasked me with printing UPS labels. I guess I nailed it because they told me to come back the next day. They said they needed some help in customer service and sat me¬†down in front of an inbox that was 400+¬†emails deep (not kidding) and said if I had any questions, to just yell out. Well, of course I had questions (ha!) but I just plugged away as best as I could. Every day they told me to come back and I did and the rest is history. I never interviewed for the job and I was never trained. I just showed up and I never left. I guess you could say they got stuck with me. Early on Kelly put me in¬†charge of "special¬†projects" and it's a role that I've never taken lightly or for granted. She has put great trust in me over the years, handing over some of her most sensitive, high-touch accounts and projects. I've learned so much alongside Kelly and Katie and I've enjoyed watching the company grow. We've¬†traveled to markets together, opened retail stores, landed huge accounts, experienced countless ‚Äúfirsts‚ÄĚ and learned many, many lessons (some the hard way.)¬†Some of my fondest moments include: making Oprah's Favorite Things (twice!); the Nordstrom¬†Anniversary Sale (and the fainting sofa); HSN (cry baby Kate); and Good Morning America. I¬†want to thank both of you for such an amazing ride. There's never been a dull moment. I love you both. Xo"


Moon and Lola Boss Day Blog Post


Moon and Lola Boss Day Blog Post



From our Production Manager...ÔĽŅ

"We had 3 girls get engaged all around the same time at Moon and Lola. Of course, this gave us a reason to celebrate! Our party planning committee put together and amazing bridal shower at a local restaurant after work. Kelly gave each bride a special gift as well as $150 M&L bucks to purchase decor for their upcoming weddings!! It was such a surprise and each girl loved the ability to get decor for their special day!"


"When closing the Charleston store we worked long, I mean VERY long, hours. Despite it being a chapter closing for M&L, I never laughed as hard as I did on this trip. By the time we got back to the hotel all we wanted to do was take a hot shower and snuggle up in the beds watching Friends. When Katie went to turn on the shower, water went EVERYWHERE! It was hysterical and something I will laugh about for years to come."




From our Production Specialist...

"I have two memories to share about Kelly. I am from Taiwan and moved to the United States as an adult. When I came here I took Irene as my American first name. When I started working at Moon and Lola I told people my name was Irene. Kelly didn't believe me and said she wanted to know my actual Taiwanese name and that she wanted me to help everyone learn how to speak it and that would be my name with my Moon and Lola family. So sweet. Another memory I have relates to time off which I request every year. Most of my family still lives in Taiwan. It is a long journey to Taiwan from America and I only visit once a year so when I go I stay for many weeks. The first time I asked for that length of time off to go to Taiwan, Kelly said she understood the importance of going home and that is was to maintain family relationships. Her marriage was to someone from outside the US so she really understood that this was about love and relationship and respect."


"Katie is such a nice, sweet person. I am one of the people that makes the jewelry and accessories that we sell at Moon and Lola. Production work can be physically difficult on your body and Katie understands that very well. She provides me opportunities to learn new skills and do other things for Moon and Lola that give my shoulders, neck, wrists and hands a needed break. She is a true sweet southern girl!"






Thank you! 

So, to Kelly and Katie... we hope you know how much we appreciate you and all that you do for us! You both are the definition of #girlbosses and motivate us to be all that we can be every day. Thank YOU!!!


The team at Moon and Lola








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