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Join us in spreading awareness for a cause that's close to our heart 💓.

The month of October is here and we could not be more excited for all things pumpkin spice, the boldness of colorful leaves, or the joy of the upcoming holiday season. While October truly is a beautiful month, it holds an even more beautiful cause. This month, join hands with us as we strive to support the brave women and their families who have been affected by breast cancer.

moon and lola breast cancer awareness pink ribbon women
Credit: Neroli Salon and Spa

According to, breast cancer affects approximately 1 in every 8 women in the US alone, making it the most common cancer threat in women. These statistics hit close to home, especially for us here at Moon and Lola. Today on the blog we're sharing two very inspiring stories of women near and dear to our M&L family. Plus, we're sharing ways to show your support in the fight against breast cancer while also taking preventative measures to protect yourself from the disease.

It's no secret pink is our favorite color at Moon and Lola, but this October we're wearing it loud and proud in support of breast cancer awareness month. New to the Charm Bar, we're rolling out an exclusive "Go Girl!" charm and we want to see you ROCK this month and all year round! Available in two acrylic color options, the "Go Girl" charm is a perfect addition to your jewelry collection and can be purchased by itself, as a necklace, or as a charm bracelet. Gift one to your BFF, and keep another for yourself as a daily reminder of the brave women affected by breast cancer.

Moon and Lola breast cancer awareness charms

Moon and Lola Go Girl! Charm Moon and Lola Go Girl! Charm BraceletMoon and Lola Go Girl! Necklace


Early detection is the first step in the battle against breast cancer!

As with most diseases, early detection is the key in protecting yourself. Below, we're sharing the story of one of our team members and why she's passionate about the importance of mammograms.

"My name is Laura Gilgen. I'm the director of E-Commerce for Moon and Lola and I'm a breast cancer survivor because of a mammogram.

Nineteen years ago, during my annual mammogram, breast cancer was detected in one of my breasts. The type of cancer I had was Ductal Carcinoma in-situ (DCIS).  I had no lump, there was no pain, I had no indication that cancer cells were growing in my body. On my x-ray were barely visible white dots.

Moon and Lola - DCIS breast cancer x-ray

My breast cancer was caught while still ‘in situ’ (not yet penetrating the breast duct walls) and I felt like I had won the lottery! My treatment included 3 surgeries to remove affected breast tissue until I had "clear margins" (no cancer cells are seen at the outer edge of the tissue that was removed). That was followed by 5 years of a daily dose of tamoxifen. As I said, I won the breast cancer lottery compared to what other women have gone through after diagnosis. I continue to have annual mammograms and, fortunately, I have had no recurrence.

What I want women to know is that cancer begins at the cellular level. You must not wait until you have a noticeable lump in your breast to begin caring about your breast health. Please, get your annual mammogram. (For screening guidelines, please visit the American Cancer Society website.)"

Moon and Lola 💖  METAvivor

While spreading awareness and early detection are both keys in the prevention of breast cancer, it's important that we understand and support women who, unfortunately, are experiencing the battle of their lives - stage 4 breast cancer. Luckily, organizations like METAvivor strive to create hope for those affected.


About METAvivor"METAvivor exists to sustain hope for those living with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer (MBC). We are a volunteer-led, non-profit organization that funds vital research to help improve the longevity and quality of life for MBC patients."

The President of Moon and Lola, Katie Skinner, shares the story of her cousin who is currently battling stage 4 breast cancer and is a fearless advocate for METAvivor.

"Rhonda Howell is a 38 year old wife, mother to a 5 year old son, daughter, sister, aunt and friend.

Moon and Lola METAvivor breast cancer awareness blog post

Rhonda was first diagnosed with stage II breast cancer in August 2013, when her son was only 15 months old. She underwent a double mastectomy, 4 rounds of IV chemotherapy, and 35 radiation treatments. Rhonda worked full-time in banking through her chemotherapy and radiation treatments. She was declared "cancer free" and returned to being a wife and mom and enjoying life!

Rhonda's breast cancer returned in July 2015, when she was diagnosed with metastatic (stage IV) breast cancer, which had spread to her bones and liver. Her son was only 3 years old when she was diagnosed, and statistics only gave her a dismal 2-3 years to live. Rhonda has been on oral chemotherapy for 2 years, and is currently responding to her current treatment.

As there is currently no cure for metastatic breast cancer, Rhonda will be on treatments for the rest of her life. Rhonda desperately wants to see her son grow up with his mommy!"

To support and encourage women living with MBC, Moon and Lola has teamed up with METAvivor to create an exclusive charm in which 20% of every sale will go directly to METAvivor's efforts. The METAvivor charm will be available in 2 acrylic colors, and can be purchased alone or paired with our Nora Bangle or Apex Chain.

Moon and Lola METAvivor charms

Moon and Lola METAvivor necklace

Thank you for joining us in our efforts to think pink. Spread awareness and show your support for families who are coping with breast cancer by posting on InstagramFacebook and Twitter. Together, we can make a difference!


  • Barbara Batts: October 10, 2017

    I applaud your efforts in expanding knowledge and creating the jewelry so all can be apart of this research. I am a grandmother of a 9 year old with Autism. We have just started an Autism Society of NC chapter of Nash County (Rocky Mount area). We need more awareness of this problem effecting children and adults and your jewelry effort would be great venue! Hope that one day you would consider making this a part of your outreach efforts. There are walks and research but a mom or grandmom wearing the “A” really would bring conversation and attention to the Autism Spectrum that is so overwhelming. Thanks

  • Kristen : October 03, 2017

    I love this so much, guys!

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