A History of the Charm Bracelet

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Charm bracelets allow us to share a bit of our personality through jewelry. Charms are so unique because they can signify all the things we love in a variety of colors and shapes. But do you know where the idea of charm bracelets actually originated? Today we're traveling back in time to see all the ways women (and men!) have styled charm bracelets throughout history.

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The First Charm Bracelets
We love charm bracelets because they're not only beautiful, but also meaningful. While the classic charm bracelet style is trending now more than ever, the style's history and tradition dates back for centuries. Did you know... Charm bracelets were worn even before history was recorded. It's been said that prehistoric charms, mostly made from different natural materials such as seashells, would ward off evil spirits and were sure to bring the wearer good luck. Knights and political leaders during the Medieval Times would also wear their charms for protection in battle and as symbols of religion.

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The Gift of the Charm Bracelet
Our go-to gift at Moon and Lola is always a charm bracelet. No two are made alike and it's always possible to capture someone's style with a charm bracelet. We have Queen Victoria to thank for being a pioneer in gifting charm bracelets. The trend took off in Europe when she presented her close family and friends with them while also sporting her own.

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Today's Charm Bracelets
Today, it's hard to find a woman without one (or multiple!) charm bracelets in her jewelry box. Whether you have a favorite you just can't imagine leaving the house without or have multiple styles that can be interchanged no matter the outfit, there are so many ways to make a charm bracelet the perfect representation of who you are. The options truly are endless!

Use your charm bracelet to spread awareness...

To show off your new monogram on your wedding day...


Or even to represent the birthdays of those closest to you!


The Future of the Charm Bracelet
It's hard to pinpoint exactly what fashion and jewelry trends of the future will look like. We can be sure that Charm Bracelets will never be a thing of the past. Quite the opposite actually! The production and design team at Moon and Lola has been hard at work creating a more user-friendly charm bracelet - something that you can wear every day and that can be built 100% by YOU! No tools required for assemby!


Our Newport Bracelet is incredibly functional and the first of its kind, allowing you to change and swap out charms by simply pushing them onto the add-a-charm links. See below:



To purchase your Newport Bracelet and for step-by-step instructions on how to add charms to it click here.

So tell us! Which Moon and Lola charm bracelet style is your favorite? Show us on Instagram using #moonandlola and you just might win a $100 gift card! Imagine all the charms you could add to your collection!


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