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Black dresses, red lips, diamond studs, and charm bracelets – these are things that never go out of style. I can remember being a little girl playing with my grandmother’s charm bracelet, seeing college girls wearing them around campus while on the way to class, and now as an adult, I created the idea of a #CharmBar where you can build your own charm bracelet in a Moon and Lola store or on our website!

Charm bracelets are fun, creative, and can be a symbol of what or who you love. What I love most about them is they can represent important moments in life: graduation, marriage, a new baby... the special memories could go on! 

One of my favorite charm bracelets is our Preston with small or medium Dalton charms; it reminds me of my grandmother’s which had a charm for each child and grandchild. She had her entire heart around her wrist and that was very special!  You can add a charm for each family member, child, grandchild, your name, your significant other's name, or your pet's name! The best part is that you can make it unique to you and your family. With our new Preston Family Charm Bracelet, you can easily add each charm to represent who you love!

Moon and Lola preston family charm bracelet

So simple and so classy, but the best part? Each charm means something to you. ❤

Show us your charm bracelet and how it symbolizes who you love with #MoonandLola on Instagram. You may just win a $100 gift card!  

Xx, Lola


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