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Moon and Lola Mothers day diy from the ohhappyday blog


Can you believe Mother's Day (May 13th!) is just a few weeks away?! Every time this special holiday rolls around we're reminded just how much our mamas mean to us! There's rarely a day that goes by that we don't use some of the wisdom that our moms have given to us over the years. Today on the blog, we're sharing the our best pieces of advice from our moms. Enjoy!



Kelly Shatat, CEO

Moon and Lola Happy Pill Blog mothers day Kelly Shatat CEO and her mom

“When I think of my mom I think about the woman that taught me how to be strong and that we were survivors!!!
No matter what knocked her down she always got back up! She has always been there cheering me on either holding out her hand to help me get back on my feet or encouraging me to never give up and get back up on my own, one step at a time!”




Katie Skinner, President

Moon and Lola Happy Pill blog Katie Skinner and her mom mothers day

"My mom, Susan (or Susie Q), is my biggest fan and best friend. She is always the first to volunteer to help others before taking care of herself. She has taught me more than I can even list but most importantly to be kind and compassionate towards others and myself, always act with integrity, to be confident in myself, and that flowers can make just about anyone smile. I'm thankful for my sweet mother everyday and love her so!​"




Ashley M., Marketing and Brand Manager

Moon and Lola Happy Pill blog post mothers day mom and daughter on stairs  

"Well, can we all just agree that our moms were always right? Now that I'm 27 (almost 28), I definitely wish I would have listened to my mom more when I was younger. Other than always being right, my mom lead by example by working hard (full time job plus full time mom) and she also taught me to give more than you take."




Savannah B., Production Manager

moon and lola lakeside pic of mom and girls


"My mom has always taught me to be myself and let my personality shine. As a child, she would let me dress myself (no matter how crazy my ideas were). I still find pictures to this day where I say "OMG MOM! How could you let me dress like this?!"....But I'm so glad she did - look at that confident hand on hip! :)"





Nicole A., Accounting/HR Manager

moon and lola happy pill blog mothers day three generations


"My Mom taught me the most important thing in my life, how to be a Mom. I know my mom gave me great advice along the way but when I think back it always comes down to her actions. She lead me by example. I work hard every day to live up to the example she set for me but I still haven't figured out how she did it all! There were no sick days for mom, dinner was always made (and healthy!), and our house was always clean. I'm forever grateful for guidance and now her love for my children!"




Brittany P., Customer Experience Specialist

moon and lola happy pill blog post mothers day mom and daughter


"My Mom has lead by example - she is somehow both the toughest and most giving person I know! She perseveres in the face of life's ups and downs, but also has an open heart for anyone and everyone. I am so thankful that I inherited her stubbornness and determination (although she may not agree!)."




Morgan M., Apex Retail Store Manager, Social Media and Brand Specialist 

moon and lola happy pill blog post mom and daughter runners


"My mom raised three girls and has always been the biggest cheerleader for each of us through it all. She taught us confidence, sass, and how to give 100% to everything life throws our way. That's kind of how running races became one of our favorite things we do together!"



Laura G., Ecommerce Director

Moon and Lola happy pill blog mothers day young family with grandma


"I thank my mom for the support she has given me through the past 27 years of me being a mom! Basically, she told me: Life is full of choices and the decisions you make are yours to make, no one else's. All choices have consequences, good and bad. Don't listen to what others may have to say about the decisions that make sense for you and your family. You know best." 



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To all the mamas out there, 💐 Happy Mother's Day! We hope you feel special today and everyday. You are loved! 💗


Moon and Lola


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