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So you know that Moon and Lola carries a wedding line, but did you know that you can customize anything you want? You're not just limited to what is available on our website. We try to go above and beyond to make our customers happy by turning your dream decor into reality. We love creating custom product and seeing how you incorporate it into your own way. We have acrylic, and we’re not afraid to use it. 😉

To give you some examples, we asked our beloved friend and co-worker, Kensley, to share her bridal shower and wedding reception images. Kensley has a creative eye and really wanted her wedding to be unique and one to remember. Moon and Lola was here to help!

One of our favorite featured pieces was the custom acrylic art of Kensley and her now hubs, Tyler. We used one of their engagement photos showing them walking hand-in-hand on the beach. We converted that picture into a silhouette, and from the silhouette image, made the amazing cutout wall art you see below. All together now, “awwwww”.  After the wedding, they were able to use it on their gallery wall in their home. This is now a precious memory the two of them will cherish forever in a very special way! 

One of our favorite ideas of Mary Kensley's wedding reception decor was her dinner menu.  I mean, what a fabulous idea!  And we can create it in any of our 32 acrylic colors so you can choose a neutral or a fun pop of color to compliment your floral arrangements.

Have the perfect wedding hash tag? (Although Kensley and Tyler’s is hard to beat - their last name is Crumpler.)  We have you covered there, too. Custom drink stirrers for your friends and family to take home as a unique and fun party favor.

Know anyone who loves donuts? Kensley loves them so much that she forewent the wedding cake and chose a scrumptious so-many-flavors-to-choose-from donut bar instead. I mean is this genius or is this genius? Moon and Lola was happy to turn our Cake Toppers into donut tower labels that helped her and Tyler’s guests know which flavor is which.

Our favorite was The Charleston – which also happened to be where they had their wedding.

Kensley and Tyler’s wedding was full of happy, and we want yours to be too! Interested in custom wedding merchandise? Tell us your ideas here


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