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I am a Cancer, what are you?

Zodiac signs are a fun way of getting to know yourself and your friends. I have always enjoyed getting to know someone and then reading about their zodiac and thinking, “that totally makes sense now!” It's definitely a fun talking point.

When creating ideas for the #CharmBar, I wanted there to be a personalized piece for the edgy-chic in every girl. Showing your zodiac sign accentuates your inner personality and being proud of your birth month! Plus, it’s the perfect addition to your already adorbs charm bracelet.


Nora Bangle, Brisbane Tassel Charm, Zodiac Charm, Zodiac Symbol Charm


Constellations are so much fun too! Add a little sparkle and you’ll be shooting for the stars! 🌟🌠✨


Rhea Bracelet, Rhinestone Ball Charm, Zodiac Charm, Constellation Charm


What's your sign? Show me with #moonandlola on your favorite social media site, and check out the entire zodiac #CharmBar collection that we offer here!




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