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🌟  Awards season 🌟   is the best! We always look forward to catching a first-look at the red carpet fashion, celebrating a year's worth of talent, and guessing who's going home as a winner. We are firm believers that there's always a reason to throw a party and the annual Academy Awards are up next.

So, invite your girlfriends and their s/o's (aka significant others) and let's plan the ultimate Oscars viewing party! 🍷 🎥 


Step 1: Pick a Theme for your Party

Your party's theme will set the mood for the entire evening. Plus, it's a fun opportunity for your guests to get creative in what they choose to wear. You could choose a red carpet theme and allow your guests to dress up as their favorite nominee, use all gold decor as a nod to the golden trophies, or keep it low-key and comfy with a pajama party! We created a mood board below for inspiration if you choose the Red Carpet theme. And be sure to check out this past blog post with fun bar cart ideas!!

Moon and Lola academy awards oscar party mood board with jewelry and accessories
1. Carrabelle Necklace, 2. Donut Bottle Opener, 3. Thasos Earrings, 4. Good As Gold Pouch, 5. Europa Rhinestone Ball Earrings, 6. Confetti Round Ring, 7. Tulum Necklace, 8. Moon and Lola Candles, 9. Canella Earrings, 10. You Are Gold iPhone Case, 11. Nameplate Bracelet, 12. Luna Triple Drop Earrings, 13. Holographic Bag, 14. Vizela ring, 15. Confetti Post Drop Earrings, 16. I Woke Up Like This Pillow



Step 2: Provide your Guests with Plenty of Sips and Snacks

You might choose to have a meal with your guests or you might choose to just offer a few drink options and light snacks. Either is fun!  Another great idea: invite each guest to bring their own h'ordeuvres and then have your attendees vote on which was their favorite. Pick up a small prize to gift the winner at the end of the night!



Step 3: Have FUN!

As hostess, it can be easy to get caught up in the details and stressors of throwing a party. Remember not to lose sight of the reason you brought everyone together in the first place: to have fun and celebrate each other's company! A fun way to get the party started is with printable ballots. You might remember we did this last year so we brought it back for this year, updated with all of the 2018 nominees. Simply click and print and then pass these around at the party!

While you're waiting for that red carpet evening to arrive, have some fun here checking out all the previous nominees, award winners and noteworthy pics from previous ceremonies going all the way back to the first Academy Award ceremony in 1929! 

Here's a little reminder of how cute Cuba Gooding Jr. was when he won Best Supporting Actor for Jerry McGuire  in 1997.



Be sure to let us know below how you and your friends celebrated the awards this year!


Moon and Lola


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