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The only complaint that we have about “Eat What You Want Day" is the fact that it isn’t every day. 

Milkshakes for breakfast? You got it. 

Cupcakes and pizza for lunch? Yup. 

Don’t forget about dinner! We’ll have a couple margaritas, queso, and as many tacos as our hearts desire. 

It’s a day that revolves around satisfying your craziest of cravings and we are here to help map out your day full of deliciousness. Today, May 11, is hereby declared as the best day ever. 

What’s first on our list? CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE for breakfast, please. The fact that our pineapple cake topper is used as decoration just makes us love it more. 

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Donuts make a good snack, right? Our E-Commerce Director, Laura, certainly thinks so … she has one every day at 3:00pm and still looks rockin’! Can you say jelly? 

Moon and Lola blog post Eat What You Want Day pastel donuts 
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Pizza’s next, and we’re loving these little baby heart shaped pepperonis.  We’ll have a couple pieces ... maybe 4.

Moon and Lola blog post for Eat What You Want Day heart shaped pizza with heart shaped pepperonis
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After our pizza we need something sweet so this nutter butter & jelly milkshake will do.

Moon and Lola blog post for Eat What You Want Day nutter butter and jelly milk shake
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Now lets taco 'bout dinner. Seriously, pink tortillas?! A taco after our own hearts.

Moon and Lola blog post shrimp taco in pink tortilla shell for eat what you want day
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Let's end this beautiful day with a nightcap, shall we? A rosè themed drink will do.

Moon and Lola blog post for Eat What You Want Day a rose cocktail with grapefruit
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Stay hungry friends!


Moon and Lola


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