Dogs Are A *Girl’s* Best Friend 🐩 🐶 💕

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Moon and Lola cattle dog greeting you hello when you come home through the door

There isn’t anything quite like coming home to puppy eyes and a wagging tail. Our fur babies are our besties, the shoulders we cry on, and yes, the ones we sometimes ask for advice. I mean, if you live alone, who else are you going to ask if your shoes go with your top?! They mean the world to us in spite of the doggy breath, walks in the middle of the night, and random barks at perfectly nice strangers.

 Moon and Lola yellow labrador love dog for blog post  Moon and Lola labradoodle puppy love for blog post  Moon and Lola doberman puppy love for blog post

In other words, dogs make us happy, and here at Moon and Lola, we love all things happy on our personalized custom charm bracelets, necklaces, and key chains! 

Moon and Lola patterned hotel keychain with pet dog charm and tassel charm

Our Eden pet charm is the perfect add-on to your Hotel Keychain!


Moon and Lola Pet Charms on Apex Chain great gift for that dog lover in your life

When your pet means the world to you, you keep them close to your heart!


Moon and Lola Stacks of Charm Bracelets for the dog pet lover in your life

Stacks on stacks of so many sweet pups.


Moon and Lola Pet Keychain in 50 breeds and over 30 color choices for the pet lover in your life

For the ultimate dog mom, our Eden Pet Keychain says, “My dog is my world, and I love it that way”.


Please show me how your pets make you happy with #moonandlola on Insta! I can’t wait to see and you just might win a $100 gift card!

Xx, Lola


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