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Here at Moon and Lola we love dogs! LOVE them!!! Over the years we've created everything from dog ornaments and tags, to charms and more. Well, if you're as dog-obsessed as we are then you're going to love today's big announcement. Drumroll please...

Moon and Lola xx Megan Carn Artist Spotlight 


Moon and Lola xx Megan Carn Black Lab   Moon and Lola xx Megan Carn Goldendoodle   Moon and Lola xx Megan Carn French Bulldog



Your Dog Could Be a Model!


Later this month we'll be launching an exclusive collection of pet portraits by South Carolina artist, Megan Carn. However, before it starts we'll need YOUR help! All week long (April 1st - 7th) we're taking in submissions for your dog to be a model for the upcoming collection!!! Submit a photo of your pup (no matter the breed!) and Megan will pick up to 25 photos to then paint to be used as a part of the collection. The fun part? Waiting to see if your dog was picked when the collection launches in just a few weeks!



Moon and Lola xx Megan Carn


Moon and Lola xx Megan Carn Pet Photo Submission


Once the collection launches, be sure to check back on the blog for our Q&A sesh with Megan, but until then be sure (if you haven't already) to go show her some love on Instagram and check out her website. We'll leave you with this short and sweet intro from the artist herself... 


 Megan Carn Introduction 

As always, thanks for stopping by!


Moon and Lola 


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