Top 10 Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas for Valentine's Day

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1. Campout in your living room. In the chilly month of February, there is no better way to get cozy with your boo than to cuddle up at home. Warm it up with heart garland, cozy textures, and a tee-pee. Add a bottle of wine and your set!

More inspiration for the perfect fort at home here.

Valentine Tee-Pee(Image via 100 Layer Cake-let)

 2. Play a board game. Head to Target to pick up a new board game and a bottle of wine or dig one of your old favorites out of the closet.  

3. DIY spa night. Okay, we'll be honest, this is probably more for yourself than your man. But he'll soon learn why mixing up the perfect lip balm makes your date night that much better.

DIY spa tutorials here.

(Image via Brit + Co)


4. Play Jenga with a twist. Add color and questions to this DIY Jenga for a fun way to get to know your partner a little bit better. Mix in some dares for an unexpected twist.

DIY Jenga How-To here.

(Image via Brit + Co.)

 5. Bake something sweet. If it involves cake and icing, it's a yes in our book. Win each other's hearts with your best baking skills. It's sure to get the conversation started.

Conversation Heart Cake Recipe here.

(Image via Brit + Co.)  

6. Make Sushi together. This is most definitely more entertaining than restaurant sushi. Plus, you can follow it up with some Netflix and chill for a low-key Valentine's date.

7. Color with each other. Let out your inner kid and color with an awesome adult coloring book. (p.s. we have some super cute ones in our stores!) You'll be setting trends for your couple friends and showing them your grade school art skills have gotten better. MAJOR plus - it's a stress reliever.

8. Give each other a massage. You'll be putting this date night on repeat. Hit all the right spots after using this amazing cheat sheet. 

(Image via Brit + Co.)

9. Quiz each other. Ask each other 25 questions to see how well you really know each other.

10. His night, Her night. What better to show your love? Each of you gets to pick your own way to celebrate.






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