Furbish Studio's Real Raleigh feature on our very own girl boss, Kelly Shatat!

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Jamie Meares, Founder and Creative Director of Furbish Studio, is featuring "home's of Raleigh's coolest collectors." We're so excited to see Kelly made the list. Take a peek inside Kelly's (a.k.a Lola) house - a home full of color and a curated collection of all things happy
Kelly Shatat
Kelly Shatat Dining Room
Bright and feminine elements are found all throughout her house. She loves to mix old pieces with new pieces, like her old farmhouse table and modern dining chairs. It's a little unexpected and allows her to layer something fresh with some of her most cherished pieces she has had for years.
Kelly's Bag Collection
Kelly shatat dog
Kelly shatat leopard bench
kelly shatat chanel bag
She may have secret addiction to all things Chanel. Who can blame a girl, though? 
kelly shatat clothing
Kelly shatat home tour chanel
real raleigh kelly
kelly shatat living room
kelly shatat shoes
kelly shatat phone cases
Kelly loves to change her iPhone case every morning. Next to jewelry, this is her favorite accessory.
kelly shatat real raleigh
kelly shatat foyer
kelly shatat jewelry
kelly shatat and dog
kelly shatat vintage jewelry collection
real raleigh tour kelly shatat
kelly shatat living room
kelly shatat dining room tour
kelly shatat bedroom
Kelly Shatat champagne bucket
vanity table kelly shatat bedroom
kelly shatat flower arrangements
Head over to Jamie's Blog to see her interview with Kelly!
Photography by Anna Routh


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