DIY 4th of July Donuts

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4th of July is the perfect holiday to get all your DIY cravings out. Need food inspiration for your Independence Day weekend? Donut worry because we've got you covered and it involves lots of sugary goodness. Happy starts here with DIY 4th of July donuts!

Moon and Lola - DIY 4th of July Donuts

What you'll need: A box of donuts, vanilla frosting, blue & red decorative icing, and a microwavable plate.

1. Grab a donut and begin by spreading vanilla frosting in a circular motion around the top.

2. Draw a line with blue icing branching out from the inside of the donut. Leave a space in between and draw another line with the red icing. Repeat all the way around the donut.

Moon and Lola - DIY 4th Of July Donuts3. Heat the donut in the microwave for about 30 seconds so the icing can melt (yum!).

Moon and Lola - DIY 4th of July Donuts4. Now that the icing is melted, place the donuts in the fridge for a few minutes so the design can set in place

5. Last but not least, serve and enjoy! 

Moon and Lola - DIY 4th of July Donuts



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