Calypso Clutch Tortoise

 As seen on the special Oprah Magazine edition of View Your Deal on ABC's The View!

Add a personal touch to your evening wear with this trending acrylic clutch featuring our signature mother of pearl inlay.

Did we mention it's also super functional? There's plenty of room for your essentials i.e. cell phone, lipstick and your M&L jewels inside that hot pink interior!

Please provide up to 8 character for the name, word, monogram or initials exactly as you would like it to be made regarding capitalization and spacing (for example: "ABC" differs from "aBc" which differs from "a B c". Each will be made exactly as entered).

No consecutive uppercase letters in the script font are connected. All consecutive lowercase letters in the script font are connected. A first position uppercase script letter followed by a lowercase case script letter will be connected.

(shown in White Sand, Green Mermaid, Beach Dune, Sunburst, and Copper Reef mother of pearl)

All custom pieces are non-returnable and non-refundable.

The production time for the Calypso Clutch is 3 weeks.

Please note:
When you have multiple products in your cart, the item with the longest production time will establish when your order is ready for shipping. Orders will not be split shipped.

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