Lucky Girl!

People often remark that I'm pretty lucky. Luck is only important in so far as getting the chance to sell yourself at the right moment. After that, you've got to have talent and know how to use it. 
Frank Sinatra

New Orleans earrings have been a long time fan favorite! 

Oh so light, they make any simple outfit of shift dress come to life while not loosing the essential element of comfort.

Brilliant ball gown in the likeness of a flour leaf clover!

Charles James - Architectural Engineer - 1905 - 1978 - American - Four-Leaf Clover Gown

Lovely earrings for a statement day or night! Available in 28 colors!

Amazing! Gotta go to Marrakech! Love all the colors and patterns. #inspiration #colormehappy ! 

Yves Saint Laurent House of Luck. Marrakech

Inspired by Moroccan tile and rugs! Love them in this Navy and Tortoise!

Clovers are often used in architecture as they are here in the stained glass windows of this iconic southern chapel: 

Duke Chapel on the grounds of Duke University in Durham North Carolina.

These Singita tortoise earrings are everyone's favorite and look great 

as a neutral with pattern clothing, especially on my blond friend Marche'!

We adore our vintage marquee lights in our window at the Raleigh store! Who doesn't need a horse shoe version!

Horseshoe pointing down s believed to spread its luck to all around!  In that case we all need to sport this charm!

Hermes Charm's Etrier Scarf Ring Gold Permabrass Dangling Horse Shoe !

So necessary! 

We at Moon and Lola think we just might be!!!!

The perfect summer necklace and with 28 colors of each there are endless possibilities!

The elephant is a symbol of strength, protection, loyalty, and good luck! 

Some believe the trunk should be up so we think the trunk up of a baby elephant has to be #bonus! 

We love this make it your own cuff bracelet. 

Mine feels complete with sparkly rhinestone ball and this adorable baby elephant charm!

Pineapples are a sign of southern hospitality, welcome, and good luck and fortune! 

One like this last seen on Joss and Main! 

This is not only one of my favorite Moon and Lola bracelets but photo as well! Doesn't it just jump off the page! 

A quadrifoil is my version of a modern clover good luck charm! #passiton !

Love this oversized wishbone! I use one in my office as a paperweight! It always makes me smile!

Available at Moon and Lola Raleigh. Call to order~ 919-322-4277.

When speaking about the subject of luck the one difference in the wishbone is that it holds the hope of good luck. 

When two pull on each side whoever gets the longest side receives the luck! 

I think I like living in the space of hope with my charm in tact! ;)

So if 7 and clovers are a sign of luck then the conner necklace must double our luck!

Luck is when Preparation meets Opportunity!

One of my favorite quotes regarding Luck from Seneca the Younger... or perhaps Oprah Winfrey – take your pick.

Happy day and may the odds ever be in your favor! 



For centuries the pineapple has symbolized hospitality, welcome, friendship and LUCK! 

Find one here!

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